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One of the objectives of OGS is supporting the wider society in Pakistan.

In this regards, the OGS committee recently visited the Society for the Rehabilitation of Special Children (SRSC). Established in 1955, It is one of the oldest NGOs in Pakistan taking care of Karachi’s underprivileged, special children and working on their complete rehabilitation.

The centre focuses on the physical, mental and emotional well-being holistically, while also taking care of their special needs. Vocational training is also provided to allow our children to develop their self-reliance. The centre provides learning and much more for special children and we were able to make a contribution through Zakat funds generated though the OGS.

Mrs. Talat Hashimi is the President of SRSC. She gears her efforts on the motto of “sharing is caring”.

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A number of students from KGS used to visit the centre on a regular basis as part of the KGS Helpers Society. SRSC is all open to internships for students.

More information about the centre can be found on    #OGs

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