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OGS Dubai Chapter meet up 2024

The OGS Dubai team organized a softball tournament on March 3, 2024 at the Pakistan Association Dubai. The OGS Dubai team which comprises of four members, Sanniya Qureshi, Asif Pesnani, Nadiya Kassam and Umair Naqvi had been working for the last couple of weeks to organize this event and to raise awareness for the OGS cause.

As always when Grammarians meet the energy is great, it was a fun afternoon, weather was amazing and families came out in high spirits to play softball. We did an interhouse softball match, Streeton and Napier were the winners (much to the disappointment of the Frerites who were the majority there ). Umair Naqvi and Asif Pesnani led the softball games and did a fantastic job including everyone for the friendly interhouse match!

The venue itself was very special as Pakistan Association Dubai is a volunteer and non profit social welfare and cultural organization for expats in Dubai. Nadiya Kassam organized a tour of the facility for the OGs before starting the match. Pakistan Association Dubai provides state of the art medical care, have an auditorium for events, a fully equipped gym and outdoor fields for sports. It was an absolute pleasure for OGS Dubai to team up with PAD for this event.

Most of us played softball after years, the kids also joined in and for those not playing there was chai, chaat and samoosas to indulge in. We are working to raise awareness about the OGS cause and objectives and at this softball event.

We successfully raised money for the OGS scholarship program based out of Pakistan and look forward to organizing more events in the course of the year and raising more money for OGS!

OGS Dubai team

OGS Turkey Chapter meet up 2024

The OGS Turkey Chapter met on March 9th just ahead of Ramadan in Istanbul just ahead of the onset of Ramazan.

Ms. Farzana, KGS Class of 1975 kindly opened her house for a warm and festive get together and a home cooked meal. KGS Alumni currently attending University and part of the Turkey Chapter came from in and around the city.

The feast and the company was a great way to welcome the month of fasting in a place which is new for many but seems less foreign with our strong network, support system and sense of community.

The OGS members in Istanbul intend to meet frequently to not only to strengthen their bonds, explore the historical and culinary marvel of beautiful Turkey but also to pick up philanthropic and charitable upliftment projects as a team to support and give back to Pakistan.

Special Olympics Pakistan Cycling team joins OGS-KGS BIKE RIDE 2024

Date: March 3rd, 2024

Test: On Sunday, March 3rd, 2024, at 8 am, the OGS-KGS BIKE RIDE 2024 witnessed a vibrant turnout of riders, parents, OGS Members, KGS staff, and families. The event showcased two distinct rides: a 10km route and the Kiddie Ride tailored for younger participants accompanied by their parents.

This year, we extended an invitation to the Special Olympics Pakistan Cycling team to join our event, and six of their riders enthusiastically participated in the 10 km ride. At OGS, we strongly believe in inclusivity and recognize the importance of incorporating all segments of society into our events. At the conclusion of the event, a thrilling cyclist stunt show captivated children and riders alike, sparking excitement throughout the crowd. Notably, the event served as a fundraiser, garnering substantial sponsorships for the OGS Scholarship Program.

The OGS extends sincere appreciation to all volunteers, for their invaluable support and seamless management of the cyclists throughout the event. Furthermore, heartfelt gratitude is extended to the KGS administration and staff for their steadfast assistance, ensuring a joyful and secure experience for all attendees.

As with all events, the bike ride inherently fosters a spirit of community involvement among all participants, enriching the experience for everyone involved.

KGS-OGS Career Fair 2024

Date: February 3rd, 2024

Text: The KGS-OGS Career Fair 2024 was a huge success. A big thank you to our wonderful Alumni who took time out of their busy schedules to guide our future leaders.
Here we have our panel, KGS Principal Mr. Wrigley, the KGS counsellors, the Head & Deputy Head boy, and girl, and of course our OGS Committee members.


The formation of new chapters continues with a focus on the USA. We expect a vibrant and active OGS Community in Houston, Texas USA.

Please welcome the OGS Houston Chapter.

I wish you all the best and look forward to your upcoming activities.

Amena Tareen – Class of 1997 – President

Mohammad Khurram Saadat – Class of 1996 – Vice President

Dr. Sarah Nadeem – Class of 1997 – Secretary

Farhat Hussain- Class of 1977 – Member

Salman Beg – President OGS


The Old Grammarians are active and ever-ready to work towards community building and fellowship.
A new chapter has been formed in the ‘Big D’. Please welcome the OGS Dallas Chapter.
I wish you all the very best and look forward to your upcoming activities.
Fauzan Qureshi – Class of 1992 – President
Saba Sayeed – Class of 1993 – Vice President
Aassia Haroon Haq – Class of 1992 – Member
Salman Beg – President OGS


Hello UK!
The OGS Global Alumni network is always active and is built around the community. We believe in strengthening the bonds and engage the network all over the world.
Keeping the tradition alive the OGS London Chapter is growing and now, it has been renamed as OGS UK Chapter.
Please welcome the following :
Akbar Merchant – Class of 1999

Lala Rafiq – Class of 1995
Vice President

Salma Moin Jaffri – Class of 1990
Yasmeen Blair – Class of 2000
Danesh Gilani – Class of 2008


The OGS Global Alumni network is growing and the OGS TURKEY Chapter has been incorporated. The registration of new KGS Alumni based in Turkey is increasing as students head to Turkey after their A Levels. We intend to bring them all together and further strengthen the OGS network. Please connect with the OGS Turkey Chapter and look out for the upcoming events.
I am happy to welcome you.

Ambereen Hussain, – President, Turkey Chapter – Class of 1997
All the Best Ambereen
Salman Beg – President OGS


OGS celebrated 175 Years of KGS on Saturday, 26 th November, 2022. It was indeed a privilege and a proud moment to be able to put together this land mark event.

Rich in its history, KGS has united us through the bonds of friendship, networking, and shared memories – even across generations. There were some families where 3 generations were present!

The beautiful venue was decorated keeping in mind the school colours and the iconic arch and bell.

We were graced by the presence of personalities that are institutions in themselves. Mrs Mujahid delighted all with her stories and amazed us by remembering so many details. Her ability to remember everyone’s name remains unmatched. Mrs Marianna Karim, was amazing as always and led us through the history of OGS as the founding president. Mrs Yasmin Khan who was the headmistress of the college section after Mrs Mujahid also attended and has always been a support to all OGS events. Lots of alumni, many OGS past Presidents and Trustees of OGS attended and we all sang the school song together – INDOCTI DISCANT NOW AND ALWAYS !

The OGS TRUST supports education and provides scholarships for local education in school and colleges to all those who are deserving – this includes non- grammarians also Adnan Syed class of ‘87, sketched and painted the arch and bell for us in water colour. This original artwork was then used as the branding for this milestone event; on our invitation cards, the bags, menu card, media wall and the plaques. The original artwork was put on silent auction and was purchased by a very generous person the sane night.

Haya Fauqui class of 2018 captured gorgeous pictures of the middle school building and were seen all around the venue.

A very big thank you to Mrs Ronak and Mr.Iqbal Lakhani for opening up their beautiful home for us , their support and hospitality


OGS added a new chapter to its network. We currently have 6 overseas chapters and now have added a 7th one locally. The new committee overseeing the Lahore operations was announced in December 2022 and has helped raise scholarship pledges at the event held on December 17th 2022.

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