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Old Grammarians live and work in all corners of the world, and many old Grammarians continue to have close friendships with each other wherever they may be. To strengthen connections among the far flung OGS community, we plan to establish OGS chapters in cities where there is a critical mass of old Grammarians.

We are happy to share the news of the setting up of the first five chapters. Chapter Presidents and their teams are listed here:

# City Office Bearers Contact
1. London
  • Ashar Qureshi – President
2. New York
  • Asad Haider – President, Class of 1991
  • Bilal Sikander – Vice President, Class of 1996
  • Sassi Effendi – Member, Class of 2001
3. San Francisco
  • Nader Gulam Hussain – President
4. Toronto
  • Anusha Khan – President
  • Saeed Ahmed Dadabhoy – Vice President
  • Qazi Fakhir Jamil – Member
5. Dubai
  • Amjad Imran Khan – President
  • Asif Pesnani – Vice President, Class of 2001
  • Sanniya Qureshi – Secretary, Class of 1999

Old Grammarian (OG) communities are requested to support the respective chapter teams in conducting the following activities:

  • Create a list of OG residing in their area.
  • Invite local OG to one event within six months of forming the Chapter.
  • Keep OGS central informed about what the Chapter is doing.

The primary aim of establishing OGS chapters is for OGs to have a platform to connect with each other. Other aims / objectives are:

  • Networking amongst Karachi Grammar School (KGS) alumni.
  • Support to KGS.
  • Student support via scholarships, internships and jobs.
  • Fundraising for the OGS.
  • Alumni database creation for their region and sharing it with the Central Office in Pakistan.
  • Recruit KGS graduates to become members of the OGS network.
  • Where possible incorporate the Chapter, register it as a charitable institution and thereby get tax breaks on the donations.

For additional information please visit – OGS.COM.PK

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