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Arts & Entertainment

  • Ainee Shahzad Salim (Chair)
  • Tariq Bin Aijaz
  • Imran Maqbool
  • Sehar M. Rasool


  • Reza Ali Mirza (Chair)
  • Tariq Bin Aijaz
  • Sehar M. Rasool


  • Sanya  Mooraj (Chair)
  • Ameen Jan
  • Ahmed K. Rana
  • Farhan A. Mehboob
  • Annie Shahzad Salim

Finance & Administration

  • Imran Maqbool (Chair)
  • Farhan A. Mehboob

Strategic Planning

  • Ameen Jan (Chair)
  • Farhan A. Mehboob
  • Salman M. Ahmed


Social Media Strategy & implementation

  • Ahmed Kamal Mir (Chair)

Management Information Systems

  • Salman Moiz Ahmed (Chair)
  • Ameen Jan
  • Farhan A. Mehboob
  • Shahzad Salim

Former Presidents

  • Ahmed K. Rana (Chair)
  • Adnan Afridi
  • Nadeem Maqbool


  • Yousuf Ali Sayeed (Chair)
  • Taha Ali Zai
  • Faiza K. Rafay
  • Abdur Rehman

Young Alumni (Graduated in the last 10 years)

Being constituted, please volunteer if interested

Additional sub committee

  • Networking
  • Standardization
  • Fundraising
  • Membership Promotion

Service on subcommittees is not limited to OGS Executive Committee Members alone – we have thus far welcomed 5 volunteers onto our subcommittees (including a chair) and would urge you to come forward and contact us via email if you are interested in serving OGS. Passion for a particular initiative and time commitment are our primary considerations in evaluating potential volunteers.

Subcommittees shall work independently under the leadership of their respective chairs and make recommendations to the Executive Committee, and thereafter execute based on the democratic decisions made by the EC. We would also like to hear from Members who would like to serve as volunteers for helping arrange particular events.

For any queries please contact us at,

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