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OGS Bowling Tournament! 2019

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Dear OGeez!

We’re happy to announce the Inaugural OGS Bowling Tournament!!

Do you know what a SandBagger is? or a Turkey or Five Gagger for that matter !! Time to get educated or teach !! so bring your best Game face and put it where it counts;)

Event date is Sunday 15th September morning and registration is mandatory and possible from the link below, ensure you read the rules and guidelines for registration on the form.

OGS Bowling 2019

Event Timing: 15th September, Sunday
Event Address: Royal Rodalel, DHA
Contact us at info@localhost

Time : 10am to 2pm (approx)

Registration Fee of 1000 Rs per player shall be payable at the event. Cancellations can be made by emailing info@localhost until 12th September 2019 thereafter registrant is liable to pay in full for all 3 players.


1- Teams of 6 may participate only. Less than 6 player teams will get secondary preference and will be confirmed after 12th September.
2- Team must have a minimum of 2 Females.
3- Only Old Grammarians and Old Grammarians Spouses may participate.
4- Each team must submit a unique name at the time of registration and may be changed once upto 12th September.

Upon successful registration you shall receive a notification email.

Players with less than 6 players need to apply with the information shown below via email to info@localhost and will go into a ‘Clearing’ phase where they will be notified after 12th September.

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