Yikes! Grammarian’s On Bikes!

By: Amna Hamid

Class of 2002

Photo Credits: Tushna Kandawalla/Farhat Kapadia Mehboob

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Looking forward to Sunday’s with family and friends is the norm everywhere. After a taxing week, Sunday HAS to be a FUN day!
The Old Grammarians’ Society is always planning exciting activities for its members and its tireless efforts consistently bear sweet fruit. On March 26th 2017, the OGS organized an OGS-KGS Bike Ride in collaboration with Critical Mass Karachi (CMK) and sponsored by McDonald’s. The participants included OGs & their families, current KGS students & their families as well as KGS staff members, including Principal Dr.Charles Wall! The OGS Sports Sub Committee, KGS and CMK did a superb job putting together this well-attended event.

309 highly energetic and excited cycling enthusiasts, between the ages of 3 and 73 (you read that right, some youthful grandparents were there too!) registered for the event. The bikies, along with their siblings, parents, classmates and teachers, several alumni and a handful of the current faculty arrived promptly at 7am. Speaking of enthusiasm, the loyal organizers arrived at the College Section at 6am, while it was still dark! Some participants had rented bikes through the OGS while most brought their own. After being briefed on safety, the first ride of 6 km with 178 people kicked off at 7.45am, with a total disregard to the sunny morn.

The cyclists pedalled their way within the vicinity; from the College Section to Bilawal House, then all the way to 2 Talwar and back. The first ride ended around 8.30am and a second 6 km ride went out around 8.45am. Children up to class IX were chaperoned by a parent or guardian. O-Level and A-Level students were allowed to ride on their own, with a signed parental consent form, of course. The cutest attraction of the whole affair was the kiddie ride which took place outside the school gates. The Kindergartner’s, with their tricycles and trainer wheels, won everyone’s hearts with their zeal.

Safety was the first priority – helmet and ride policies were strictly enforced. Pick-ups followed the riders, in case anyone got tired and called it quits along the way. Thankfully, there were no such occurrences or injuries.

A scrumptious breakfast was available at the two food stalls; Pie in the Sky and Chotu Chaiwala did a roaring business all morning. Hungry roadie’s of all ages thronged to the stalls before, in-between and after the rides. Chirpy mutter and an enlivening crowd amidst the hustle and bustle of the city of lights elevated the amusement manifold.

The OGS-KGS Bike Ride absolutely rocked! We all now look forward to the OGS Inter House Cricket Match on April 20th, the OGS Night at Comedy Masala on April 27th, the OGS Inter House Table Tennis Tournament on May 6th and the OGS Club Night in May (date to be decided). These events will not only add flavor and spirit to the dullest of routines but also serve as an excuse for spending quality time with loved ones and school friends who have also walked through the value-instilling and heart-warming corridors of the Karachi Grammar School.


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