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By: Amna Hamid

Photo Credits: TCF

The Old Grammarians’ Society has been an ardent supporter of The Citizens Foundation and underprivileged children are receiving education via them at their new OGS Trust Campus. The relationship between TCF and the OGS has remained strong due to mutual cooperation and understanding over the years.

The members of the OGS Trust recently paid a visit to the TCF-OGS School in Khuda ki Basti which is located in the suburbs of Surjani Town, Karachi. They met Mr. Rehan and the staff of TCF and the school, a sincere and devoted team who have made the OGS proud to be associated with TCF in building this school. There are two Primary Units with ten classrooms (five per unit) from KG to Class 5 with a capacity of thirty students per class in each unit. There is also an administrative block which includes the principal’s office, an account assistant’s office and a faculty common room.

The building accommodates spacious corridors, a library / art room, playground and toilets and other essentials such as running water and electricity. The visitors were briefed on the model of the school by Zohra Nasir, who informed them that in addition to teaching, there is a lot of emphasis on personal hygiene and cleanliness. Almost 600 children want to be enrolled against a space of 140-180 (a proud and overwhelming moment for the Trustees). Total funds donated by the OGS for the construction was Rs. 30 million and Rs. 8 million towards operational support expansion up to the year 2020.

This school, located at one of the poorest districts of Karachi, will give these children an opportunity for a better life. It has a capacity of 360 students (180 per unit) and it became operational in April 2017 and presently has an enrollment of 145 children in Nursery and Kindergarten. TCF deserves a huge round of applause for its continuous endeavours to educate the children of Pakistan who will help our society become better and more tolerant in the future.

For the school’s benefit, the OGS Trustees proposed to install water coolers in each of the two units so that the children would have access to cold and clean drinking water and a generator for the campus. It was also decided that the same would be paid for by the Trustees. The OGS are proud to be associated with TCF in helping educate Pakistan and fulfilling the mission of helping deserving children achieve quality education and make a better life for themselves.

Anyone willing to make a donation to meet the running expenses of this school or to contribute to the OGS Scholarship Fund may contact the Member Services Officer. Here’s wishing this school and it’s bright little stars all the very best for a highly successful and constructive future!

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