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By: Amna Hamid

Class of 2002

Photo Credits: Salman Ahmed


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Succeeding the Bike Ride fun, The Karachi Grammar School held a Career Mentorship Event in kinship with The Old Grammarians’ Society on 18th April 2017. KGS College Section being the venue, O & A Level students assembled promptly by 7.45am to be briefed on various fields of life between 8am to 10am.

High schooler’s mostly face the dilemma of choosing the right career for themselves. Their choices sometimes conflict with what their parents want them to pursue. Hence, students tend to get confused. They counsel elder siblings and teachers before deciding. The basic purpose behind the mentorship was to provide comprehensive answers to questions like, “What are the main areas of work in this field?”, “What are the different tracts that can be followed?”, “What are the ways to enter this career?”, “What do students need to do from school to grad school to enter this particular field?”, “What does a professional’s life look like during the first 5 to 10 years of this particular career?” and so on.

Marked as the premier episode of a series of small group discussions, this event was one of a kind. Aimed at providing exposure to the eager, energetic and witty Grammarian’s via dialogue and counselling with 13 professionals positioned at different stages of distinct walks of life, the showcasing of 10 careers was a major success. The programme began at 8am with a note of welcome by Principal Dr.Wall and OG Shehzad Salim. An introduction to the speakers by Ameen Jan continued till 8:15am.

The first concurrent panel session was held from 8:15 to 9:00am. OG speakers Salman Javed and Maria Ansari on Architecture; Farzad Bagheri on Digital Marketing; Raja Sabri couldn’t make it so Salman Ahmed and Khayam Husain filled in on Engineering; Frieha Altaf on Fashion and Event Management and Jamil Akbar on Finance shared detailed and diverse thoughts and experiences of their respective vocations with the active students of grade XI.

After a 5 minute break, the second concurrent panel session took place between 9:05 to 9:50am. OG mentor’s Saman Ghani Khan on Journalism; Jahanzeb Awan on Law; Dr.Mahnaz Shah and Dr.Kulsoom Ghias Hashwani on Medicine; Tariq Mian on Social Entrepreneurship and Imran Mohiuddin on Technology imparted their personal and professional accounts and elaborated on several ideas of their respective occupations with the inquisitive students of A1. There were 15 students on both the panels.

Feedback via forms was obtained from 111 students of grade XI and 99 students of A1. All the speakers did a fantastic job at answering all the queries appropriately and everyone left the auditorium with happy and content expressions, finding the event very useful and the format good. The medicine and engineering panels bagged the most votes under ‘most useful in understanding the careers’ category.


We all look forward to such all-embracing and inspiring sessions in the future and hope that the evergreen efforts of the KGS-OGS reap all the alumni the best of everything in life!

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