OGs live and work in all corners of the world, and many old Grammarians continue to have close friendships with each other wherever they may be. To strengthen connections among the far flung OGS community, we propose to establish OGS chapters in cities where there is a critical mass of old Grammarians. A list of cities where OGS chapters could be established is:

  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Dubai
  • London
  • New York
  • Bay Area (California)
  • Singapore

To establish an OGS Chapter the following steps are suggested:

  • Someone in each of the above locations should volunteer to serve as the OGS Chapter President for the first year (2017)

Once a Chapter President is selected, s/he needs to:

  • Create a list of OGs residing in their area
  • Invite local OGs to one event within six months of forming the Chapter
  • Agree with these Chapter members what they want to do and how they will organise themselves
  •  Keep OGS central informed about what the Chapter is doing

The aim of establishing OGS Chapters is for OG’s to have a platform to connect with each other. This should not be a bureaucratic exercise; instead, we prefer that local Chapters connect and do what makes most sense for their local members. We know from experience that when there is a person or small group with the energy and enthusiasm to bring OGs together, everyone appreciates it.


If you are interested to organise a local Chapter of OGS in your city, please fill this FORM. (Login required)

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